Reigniting an Old Flame

The Four in Hand has been and always will be an institution for Paddington local’s and Sydney food enthusiasts alike. Taking a leaf from heritage, The Four in Hand is proudly going back to its roots with a focus on the finest, meat, seafood and wine in the restaurant and classic pub cuisine, beer and sport in the bar.

You will notice a facelift in both the Bar and the Restaurant, both physically through the interiors designed by Amandine Odouard (Bar Moncur, Bistro Moncur), and on the menu and wine lists, allowing the Eastern Suburbs favourite sports bar to talk more freely to the Dining Room and vice versa.

The Grill at The Four Paddington (as the restaurant will now be known) has done away with the formality of the previous offering and replaced it with a heartier, more produce driven menu that is packed with flavour once cooked on the new grill.

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